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Social isolation: a prescription for its treatment in Islam

Here is the scientific basis of the ill effects of social isolation.

Social Isolation May Worsen Stroke Outcomes

April 6, 2009 — Stroke outcomes may be strongly influenced by social relationships.

“The most intriguing facet of the study is that it clearly demonstrates how important social environment is to health. Social isolation produces measurable changes in the pathophysiological response to stroke, which in turn affects the amount of neuronal damage that results and the likelihood of surviving,” Dr. DeVries told Medscape Psychiatry.

“In summary, socially isolated mice were less likely to survive a stroke and had increased infarct volumes and edema compared with socially housed mice. The increase in ischemic damage among socially isolated mice was accompanied by an altered neuroinflammatory response that was consistent with a neurocompromising influence of social isolation. Post stroke IL-6 signaling was down regulated in the…

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