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Hardships and ease are a trial for you. Everything Allah chooses for you; from good or evil, is for your benefit. Whatever occurred to you could not have missed you and what missed you could never have reached you. with the Decree of Allah.
Panic and impatience cannot prevent Allah’s Decree. Shakwah (complaining) is contradictory to Sabr (patience). 
 Allah alone can protect you from harm and ease your difficulties. Sabr is obligatory!
If the affliction results from acts of obedience to Allah, such as injury on the battlefield, losing money during Hijrah
(migrating for the sake of Allah), losing a job because of accepting Islam or because one attempts to follow the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger (Salal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) like growing the beard, wearing the lower garment above the ankles, etc, then the affliction is a trial. Whoever bears it with patience will be rewarded and…

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knowledge is the worship of the heart the secret of its life

Since knowledge is the worship of the heart the secret of its life , and source of its power it’s a must for its seeker to come to know the manners related to it, and to strive his utmost to obtain these manners otherwise he will be going in one direction and knowledge will be going in another as it’s said:
It went east and i went west what a difference there is between the east and the west
the purpose of perfecting one’s clarity of expression to single out Allah and worship Him.therefore the purpose of seeking knowledge is to single out Allah and the message gets across much better when the one who has positioned himself to deal with this ilm whether he is student or teacher clearly shows these signs of singling out Allah and worshipping Him by submitting completely to the pure Shariah and noble Religion

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